Big Boi x The Black Keys - Everlasting Shine Blockaz

Shouts to http://breakonacloud.wordpress.com for the find. Go download the album for free http://mashville.bandcamp.com/album/the-brothers-of-chico-dusty... biggest shouts to @djwickit for the tape and @mshvl for holding everything in Nashville down.

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Life's Journey x Neck of the Woods Collab

Life Journey Collab Dropping Feb. 1

We are happy to announce our collaborative project with Lexington, KY clothing company Life's Journey  (@lifesclothing86). We have created a limited bracelet design available in a natural ($10) or hand-painted finish ($15). Please visit www.lifesjourneyclothing.com and show your support by stopping by their shop. Life's Journey will be dropping the pieces and an updated clothing line Feb. 1, 2011, but the bracelets are available for pre-order.

Project coordinated by @BSLdesigns with the assistance of Chris Hudson, Owner - Life's Journey Clothing.


Portfolio Addition - The Eyebrow at Rest


My apologies. I have a lot of catching up to do on the blogger note, but while yall have been patiently waiting... trust I have been on the #design grind every day.

Nems - I Get Down


"Old Flames and Flame Runs" ROFL via @AnotherAdam

@centrec creativity at its best... I'm proud of anyone who had anything to do with this... shoot me a message if you were involved!